• NPCAnnual Sessions 2020
  • 15 couples take wedding photos in Nanjing
  • View of Mount Qomolangma amid cloud
  • Chinese remeasuring surveyors hike toward advance camp at...


Pic story: five generations of one family serve as lighth...

Five generations of one family from Ningbo, east China's Zhejiang Province, h...

Tianshan Shengli tunnel under construction in Xinjiang

Tianshan Shengli tunnel, a six-year project on the Urumqi-Yuli highway, passe...


Digital exhibition hall of Hainan Museum opens

The digital exhibition hall of Hainan Museum opened on Monday, the Internatio...

In pics: Xuan paper in east China's Anhui

Xuan paper is a type of handmade paper known for its smooth surface and its a...


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An Introduction to HLJ Province

Located in the central region of Northeast Asia and at the north-eastern tip ...

"Enter Heilongjiang” series: folk culture of Heilongjian...

Heilongjiang is the province which lies in the northeast of China. The four p...



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